Depth Converter

This is Depth Converter software. Depth Converter contains several modules designed to provide tools for conversion of standard segy files from time to depth domain as well as to enable conversion of ASCII interpretation files from time to depth and also from depth to time. The result of Seg-Y file conversion is the new Seg-Y file with vertical scale measured in depth. This file can be loaded to seismic workstation like any other segy file. Shown above is an example of conversion achieved using this software.

  • This is simple time to depth conversion, which is done using time to depth relationship given in the form of spline. Spline is generated within the software using time to depth pairs supplied by the user. Time depth pairs can be derived from well checkshot survey or calculated from stacking velocity values. The software allows for multiple splines (available only to licensed versions) located at different positions and conversion interpolates between spline locations. 
  • Usually seismic interpretation is done in time domain and depth conversion is performed on interpreted horizons and faults. The interpreter is unable to eliminate distortion in vertical thickness of interpreted units (time thickness vs depth thickness), which is inherent in time domain. It is often easier to interpret seismic data in depth domain, especially in regard to structural setting.
  • Understanding, how depth conversion changes appearance of seismic section gives the interpreter additional information about the correctness of applied conversion and vertical and lateral velocity changes. Interpreter benefits from being able to make interpretation in both time and depth domains and can compare results. Interpretation done in time or depth domain can easily be exported to ASCII file and converted to other domain using ASCII file converter, which is part of the software. In this way interpretation can be done in either domain and easily moved to the other.

Available for download is fully functional demo version of the Converter. Demo version does not allow use of multiple TD curves (splines). If you wish to use multiple splines in depth conversion you must have registered version. Demo version will stop operating after 3 uses, although you will still be able to use spline module of this software.