Welcome to Seismic Toolkit! This site offers a few software tools for seismic data loaders and interpreters. Seismic Toolkit seg-y editing tool has been around for some years, so some maybe familiar with it. This software was initially developed for conversion of trace header coordinates in seg-y files , but it has grown significantly and now offers much more. It is now powerful tool, very useful in seg-y data loading and editing. Many problems associated with seg-y data can easily be solved using this software. If you are seg-y data loader or need to load some difficult seg-y data, this software is for you. Read more about Seismic Toolkit seg-y editing tool.

If you do not want or do not have time to fix problems with seg-y data yourself let me do it for you. I have a lot of experience with it and something what may take a lot of time for you to fix may be just an easy fix for me. Not because I am so clever and smart, but because I have spent a lot of time dealing with these issues and I learnt a lot on my way. I also know well how confusing these seg-y data problems are. So instead of wasting your precious time for these time consuming tasks leave it to me. I am happy to work with small or very large datasets. You will receive a sample of edited data, so you can check yourself if data is loadable and problems are fixed. All data and money transfer can be done online. If you are interested send me your data (not by email please) and contact me on my email or message me through my contact page and we can discuss details of the service and work required.

Depth Converter allows you to convert your seg-y files to depth domain, so you can load them to your seismic workstation and do interpretation directly in depth domain. Create your own time-depth functions from well checkshot surveys and apply them to your seg-y data or interpretation files. Read more about Depth Converter .

Checkshots SA provides access to hundreds of available checkshots  from petroleum wells in South Australia. Data has been carefully sourced from Well Completion Reports and made available for viewing  and comprehensive analysis using graphs and time-depth conversion calculators included in this program. This is a free software. It can be downloaded and used for free by anyone. Help file is included in the software. Generate velocity report, view velocities on a graph, calculate time-depth conversion and more…

SEGD to SEGY converter is yet another free software avilable from this website. This software is intended for converting segd files (single or multirecord) to segy format and thus enabling viewing of the content of segd data using free segy viewers. Segy output can also be used in seismic processing software. You can download and read more about free SEGD to SEGY converter here.

I hope that you will find my programs easy to use and productive. I am always happy to hear from users of my programs, so if you have any questions, suggestions or comments please use my contact page.
I am currently working on some other programs, so come back to my page and you may find something new and useful in a future.