About me

I am a geophysicist from Poland currently living and working in Adelaide in South Australia.

Over the years I have developed seismic software,  which is used and appreciated by many geoscientists around the world. I have been using it extensively in my work but thought that others could find it useful as well and decided to make it available through the internet.

I have also developed a method of generating composite time slice images from multiple 3D seismic surveys. I presented it during ASEG conference in 2016. Here is an abstract of my paper: Time Slicing the Cooper Basin . Here is a link to interactive web page showing composite time slice layer at 1800 milliseconds level. This layer contains all publicly available 3D surveys from South Australian sector of the Cooper Basin.
Here is another link to a set of time slices from Cordillo 3D seismic survey. This set contains time slices generated at selected TWT levels plus links to selected inlines and xlines data.
Both these layers were exported out of QGIS and put in S3 Amazon cloud.
Tell me what you think about it. Could your data benefit from this way of presenting? Send me an email or write me a message through my contact page.

During my employment in South Australia I have developed a comprehensive workstation ready seg-y dataset. It includes seg-y data from all available seismic surveys acquired in South Australia and contains all necessary parameters required for successful loading to any computer seismic workstation.

Recently I have been involved in the development of a geospatial database of all 2D and 3D surveys and lines. This database is fully queryable using ArcGIS or its free and open source equivalent QGIS software. I have also looked into possible use of Amazon cloud (AWS) for storage of data and cloud located database. QGIS offers fully featured map interface which can be easily integrated with cloud located storage and database. I think that a lot can be achieved by utilising QGIS together with cloud storage and services. Let me know what you think about this?

I am always happy to hear from users of my programs. If you have any comments or suggestion, please send me your comments here.

You can also contact me on my email: witek1964@tpg.com.au

Thanks for you support.

Witold Seweryn